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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Over the years, Cruickshanks has helped clients to establish new businesses as well as expand their existing ones. We are experienced in company acquisitions, sales by way of shares as well as the purchase and sale of assets and businesses as going concerns.

We also assist overseas companies and individuals setting up their UK business. Our services include the following:


Purchase and Sale of Business/Acquisition

Each business is different and requires different terms and conditions according to your needs. We will help you draft, and approve the Sale and Purchase Agreement, negotiate on Terms and advise you throughout the process.


Contract and Distributor Supplier and Agency Agreements

Many business owners overlook the importance of having a formal contract or taking timely legal advice on their business contracts. We are experienced in advising and drafting standard terms and conditions of contracts, as well as advising and drafting Distributor Supplier and Agency Agreements.



Sometimes disputes arise when running a business, and litigation may become inevitable. We have successfully represented our clients in many litigation cases, see our cases and Litigation.


Debt Recovery

We have helped many of our clients recover their unpaid debts. If you have provided your service or goods to a UK Limited company we can fast track the procedure by using a Statutory Demand.


Registration and Protection of Trade Marks and Patents

Goodwill is a valuable asset of any business and vitally important in your business development. A registered trade mark is an easy way to protect your trading name and business. We have registered numerous trademarks for our clients to protect their intellectual property rights in their goods and services. We also advise international clients in protecting their global intellectual rights.



Whether you wish to set up a business in the UK from outside EU or have a UK business already and wish to employ staff from outside EU, you would need to deal with immigration issues.

We have helped employers bringing in key personnel and skilled labourers to their workforce from outside the EU. We will advise you the best way to do so in your particular case, whether it be a visa under Tier 1 or Tier 2 point based system (PBS) or a sole Representative from your overseas company.


Employment and redundancy/compromise agreements

Owners of many small businesses are often not aware that it is their legal responsibility to issue employment contracts to all their employees. We can advise and help you by drafting employment contracts, as well as Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures which you are required by law to have.