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Personal Services

Personal Services

Cruickshanks is a firm which provides advice and services for your personal, family and business needs. Our services include the following:-


Buying and Selling Residential Property

We specialise in property and property related matters since 1992. We are experienced in dealing with straight forward as well as complicated property transactions in the UK. See further information at Property Services.



Our partner John Cruickshank, being a solicitor - advocate has brought the wealth of his litigation experience to the firm. We have achieved excellent results for our clients in many different areas of disputes, see our cases.



We provide immigration services to individuals such as application for permanent residency, citizenship, PSW, Tier 2 applications under the point based system (PBS), etc.



We advise employers as well as employees in employment related matters, whether this is drafting or approving your employment contract, or your rights under your employment. We give independent advice on compromise agreements to both employers and employees.


Debt Recovery

We have successfully helped many of our clients recover their debts. The rate of recovering of course depends on the facts in each case. Statutory Demands can sometimes fast track debt recovery. Sometimes personal bankruptcy or a Creditors Voluntary Arrangement can be better options.


Divorce Wills and Probate

We are experienced in divorce, wills and probate and have helped our clients to achieve their desired results in the past and in the ongoing cases. Our experience in litigation has assisted our clients in many contentious areas.


Estate Planning, Tax and IHT minimisation

We have helped and continue to help our clients in their tax planning and inheritance tax minimisation both inside & outside of the UK.