Coronavirus announcement

Coronavirus announcement.

In these uncertain times you should consider the following legal issues to address which handled quickly and correctly will protect you, your family and assets in the event you or a member of your family were are not able to survive the current pandemic.

If you do not have a current will that reflects how you would wish your family to benefit please do get in touch.

If you are in a relationship whether a marriage, civil partnership or de facto do not assume real estate and non-real estate such as bank accounts and shares etc. passes automatically to your surviving partner. It will only do so if you own this property truly jointly,  as opposed to as tenants in common which passes only according to the terms of your will or if no will by the laws of intestacy.

Have you provided for a guardian for your children in the event of both parents do not survive this pandemic and do you have access to a cash fund they can access to use to care for your children?

If you rent a property or have a mortgage you are not able to pay, whether you are a tenant, owner occupier or the landlord are you aware of the financial reliefs available?

There are probably many other issues which arise during this pandemic which concern you and we are happy to take your telephone call to discuss issues and to assist in any way that we are able.


If you are buying or selling an occupied property and have not yet exchange you should contact us to see what are your options.

If you have already exchanged but expect to be not able to complete on due date we have also options.