Over the years, Cruickshanks has helped clients establishing new businesses as well as expanding their existing ones. We are experienced in civil litigation (international and UK), dispute resolution, UK and offshore company incorporation, commercial contracts and their negotiation, employment, due diligence, corporate governance, and commercial property.

Sale and Purchase of Businesses

Each business is unique and requires their own contract terms and conditions for conducting their business We will help you draft, and approve Sale and Purchase Agreements, negotiate on terms and advise you throughout the whole process. We have experience in cross boarder acquisitions including equity and asset purchases.

Commercial Agreements 

Many business owners overlook the importance of having a formal contract or taking timely legal advice on their day to day business contracts. We are experienced in advising and drafting standard terms and conditions of various contracts, such as distribution agreements, agency, loan, shareholders’, option and IP agreements.


Intellectual Property (Trade Marks and Patents)

Goodwill is a valuable asset of any business and vitally important to your business development. A registered trade mark is an easy way to protect your trading name and business and thus your goodwill. We have registered numerous trademarks for our clients to protect their intellectual property rights in their goods and services. We also advise international clients in protecting their global intellectual rights.


Owners of many small businesses are often not aware that it is their legal responsibility to issue employment contracts to all of their employees. We can advise and help you by drafting employment contracts, as well as disciplinary and grievance procedures which you are required by law to have. We are experienced in dealing with settlement agreements, compromise agreements, employment tribunal issues, and redundancy procedures.